Yvonne is a person who is driven, direct and gets the job done. Her skills are impeccable and a strong constitution in the business world.

Dr. Vera Bonds
April 2017

"It is my honor and my pleasure to share with you my thoughts about Yvonne Orr.

Yvonne is one of a kind in my opinion when it comes to giving her all to young people. She gives time, talent, professional service and whatever it takes to encourage her students to be all that they can be.

I met Yvonne in February 2014 while struggling to put together a Cotillion/Beautillon for 14 High School seniors June 27, 2015. Yvonne was brought on to teach the students dances for the Gala.

It is amazing what she was able to do with 14 high school students from across the city of Chicago and surrounding communities.

Yvonne is a professional and creative artist who is able to work with parents other professionals and students at the same time to deliver high quality results. And the outcome was overwhelmingly praised by the 300 guests in attendance as well as the participating students.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts about Yvonne."

- President Bobbie L. Steele former President of Cook County Board of Commissioners
December 2015

"Yvonne has not only helped me creatively, but she has provided me with the tools to look at our business more strategically. I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by YORR Consulting Group."

~J. Griffin Concierge Services, Inc.
December 2015

"Your presentation at the SBND/MCP Community Empowerment Expo was engaging, enlightening and phenomenal. I was never bored, restless or any of the other feelings one experience while sitting in meetings you normally find insufferable. :-) The time simply flew. Yvonne, you are a force centered in a quiet storm. Your business acumen surpasses any I've seen in the past few months and the beauty is, there's no posturing."

- Angie Tero, Angie's Champagne Sketch & Sculpt Events

"Yvonne has a wealth of knowledge about the field of philanthropy, and she doles it out like a Rockefeller. If you ever get the opportunity to see her speak, take it; and if you ever get the chance to work with her, do it."

- Lou Bank, Vice President, Dolores Kohl Education Foundation

"Yvonne is a very talented, skilled, and outgoing person whose work with Chicago Police Department has been excellent. A delight to work with on various projects!"

- Rev Stan Davis, Co-Executive Director, Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago

"I met Yvonne at a Deeply Rooted Mature H.O.T Women dance class. During casual conversation she recognized my need for some help getting my massage business together and offered up jewels of information out of the kindness of her heart. I am currently working with her to develop a co-op community center and without her guidance I would be completely lost. She answers beyond your questions to help you actualize your concepts/ dreams and is one heck of a fundraiser."

- E'a Williams, Owner, Trinity Wellness Center

"Yvonne is a very creative and talented professional. She is an excellent writer and communicator -- and knows how to both interpersonally and electronically get a message across."

- Cindy Holler, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Development Mercy Housing, Inc.