Sometimes, all we need is a little knowledge & assistance to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

It takes sustained focus to keep pace with changing needs and communities, but it is not always possible to allocate enough time and resources within your own organization to meet all your philanthropic and/or revenue-generating goals.

YORR Consulting Group provides the training, knowledge and resources to help nonprofit organizations and aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed. We believe that the most important asset within any organization is its people, and our training modules are designed with your most important asset in mind.

Professional Development Training Workshops

One-on-One and group workshop opportunities are available to assist nonprofits in gaining the following skills towards advancing their mission, developing effective Boards, and how to strategically move their organization forward in a changing economic climate. These services are aimed at start-up and established nonprofit organizations. Services include the following:

  • Nonprofit management & Board development
  • Communications & Public Relations
  • Money Match: Getting funding & Prospect Research
  • Marketing development
  • Build-a-Biz: Move from idea to business in 10 days
  • Website consultation & content
  • Knock it Out! - Getting your nonprofit started from A to Z
  • Event planning & execution

Our offerings include:
  • Coaching: 1-on1 support for busy professionals who need fast advice
  • Workshops: ongoing educational programs that focus on interactive learning with practical solutions to garner successful results
  • Consulting: services that cater to the unique needs of your nonprofit organization and small business needs